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   Are invisible thieves robbing you blind? 


Energy Waste

New air conditioning system wastes leaking cold air.

Ticking Time-bomb

Excessive voltage drop at a defective breaker precedes expensive damage to electronics.

Hidden Problems

Invisible mold-producing moisture invades this structure.



• Cutting Edge Thermal/IR Infrared Technology
• Fast, Flexible, and Friendly Service
• Electrical Inspections - Power Plants to Homes
• Energy Waste Detection
• Preventable Failures Detection
• Industrial Processes Troubleshootintg
• Insightful Analysis in Plain English
• Certified Infrared, Home Inspection & A/C

We stop them cold.


At AZ Thermal, infrared technology and expertise is about conserving your resources. Our Infrared Inspection and Analysis will reveal possible hidden defects that can cost many thousand of dollars due to waste or impending catastophic destruction. Our inspections are tailored to your needs, whether a quick residential thermal scan or a comprehensive survey of a factory or power plant. We guarantee the best inspection at the lowest price.

"We operate a 50 MW gas turbine cogeneration facility. AZThermal didn't just find the problems. They benchmarked over 200 components for future comparison and gave us ten times more documentation with our inspection and cost less." - C.D. - CE Generation

"Four rooms in our home had major A/C problems, which persisted after 18 months of hassles with the builder, numerous inspections, and 12 visits by the A/C contractor. After all this we called Jeremy at AZ Thermal, who discovered pinched off A/C ducts and improperly installed insulation throughout the entire attic. With his documentation, the contractors tore into the ceiling and reinstalled the ducts and insulation, at no cost to us. At last our A/C works like it should, and our energy costs less. Jeremy at AZ Thermal is a magician. "
- R. P.- A happy Verrado homeowner.

"Jeremy broadened our electrical inspection to include our pumps and chillers with no additional cost." - R. T. - The Tech Group Medical Injection Molding

"My company purchases foreclosures to resell. We can not afford anything but the best possible inspection, and the thought of not having an infrared thermal inspection is unthinkable. One house had a high vaulted ceiling that was missing insulation. Since there was no attic above, it could not be seen in a normal inspection. Jeremy Hoenack, at AZ Thermal saved us thousands by carefully documenting the exact locations for the builder, who repaired the ceiling for free."
- Ron Nawrocki – B. I. Solutions

Industrial Clients

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